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Graffiti board at trade show

5 Ways Video Can Sell Even the Most Boring Shit

Do you remember what your 4th-grade teacher's hair looked like? A brunette beehive, right? Do you remember what she wrote on your report card? Didn't think so. That's because we process text in our short-term memory and visuals in our long-term memory, according to Vidyard's Marketing VP Tyler Lessard.
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Buster Bluth missing a hand

Customers of the Future: Will They Even Have Hands?

The first time I saw a telephone in a car (I’m lookin’ at you, Mr. Rosier), I thought I’d died and gone to Rich People Heaven. Anytime I see a photo from the latest camera, I wonder how pictures could ever be clearer than they are at this very moment. I think of the days...
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5 MORE Head-Scratchingly Common Stock Photo Themes (and don’t forget about the contest)

Like Allison mentioned in her previous post on this subject, a search for the perfect stock photo can be a bit of an adventure. Doing what we do here at FFC, we spend A LOT of time photo hunting and let me tell you buddy, we've come across some doozies! 
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cat mug shot

5 Head-Scratchingly Common Stock Photo Themes (also, there’s a contest)

I often come across things that make me think, “whose job is it to come up with this stuff?” Like, flavor descriptions on Vitamin Water labels, or paint color names (just what color is Anonymous?). It’s usually followed up with a “how can I get that job?”
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bridal gown

10 Helpful Ideas for Women Suddenly in Need of a Wedding Dress

Are you caught in the Alfred Angelo aftermath? We have some ideas to help you still comfortably(ish) find your way to the altar.
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How to Focus Your Social Media Monitoring (and Get a Life)

For senior year yearbook superlatives, I was in the running for Most Pessimistic, only to be outdone by Betsy and, ultimately, Emily (congratulations, bitches!). I was a real-life version of Daria, without the badass boots and with much thinner hair. I preferred to play Nintendo in the basement rather than socialize with my peers. When...
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