sad and ashamed businessman with bag over head
We all remember the Great Gap Gaff of 2010. The classic-looking, well-known clothing retailer rebranded in the midst of the holiday season and rolled out a new logo for the first time since 1986. And, boy, did it bomb. The internet was abuzz for the 6 days it was out in the world (and thereafter)....
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nat geo logo design gone wrong
In a perfect world, every business would have an ample marketing budget—one with plenty of room for developing a comprehensive brand identity system complete with a top notch logo. In that same world, I would also have hundreds of well-defined abs. Unfortunately we don’t live in that world. I don’t have a single ab that...
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I’ve always had a knack for getting excited about projects that were way too young for me. As a junior in high school, I finally saw my opportunity to create the classic baking-soda volcano, so I took it. As a grown-ass woman, I make scrapbooks with patterned papers and themed stickers. In between those two...
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