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WordPress Wisdom: 4 Plugins To Enhance Your Admin Panel

There’s no doubt that WordPress has made developing and designing websites much more accessible and intuitive, but it doesn’t always do everything we want right out of the box. Thankfully, plugin developers have our backs. Below are 4 WordPress plugins we install on most sites to make our lives a little bit easier. 1. Intuitive...
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WordPress Wisdom: 4 Plugins For Speeding Up Your Site

One important lesson I’ve learned over the years is: Never Google yourself. You might find photos that leave you longing for the time of hard-copy Polaroids. You might find that there’s a much prettier version of you acting her way through Hollywood. Or you might find that there are no results at all. All depressing...
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WordPress Wisdom: 4 Plugins To Improve Your Site Right Off The Bat

Checklists and forms can seem daunting and maybe even a little too stuffy. But, hey, they work. No one wants to get to the end of a website development project only to realize that a process was missed way back in the beginning. That’s why we follow a checklist for our initial setup of each...
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4 Inbound Marketing Factors to Consider in 2019

If you’re not already on the inbound marketing stair car, 2019 should be your time to hop on. According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2018 Global Report, the top marketing challenge for companies worldwide continues to be generating traffic and leads. And inbound marketing was designed to do just that—it’s about creating relevant and valuable...
St. Nicholas Day and Black Peter

St. Nick is Coming to Town. Break Out the Odor-Eaters.

I will forever need a nightlight. I peek in the shower before using the bathroom. I flinch at loud noises. And, at the achy old age of 36, I’m afraid to be home alone. Other than the occasional locked-in-the-basement prank from my brother, I see no other reason for these fears than St. Nicholas himself....

Where Should Your Marketing Budget Go: In House or, um, Out House?

One of the most important questions for growing businesses is, “What is the daily maximum amount of time that we can catch up on Netflix shows at the office and still make money?” We believe the second most important question is, “Should we handle our marketing in house or outsource it?”
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