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Where Oh Where Did My WordPress Plugin Developer Go?

Have you ever found that WordPress plugin you've been waiting for your whole life and felt that rush of excitement that makes you get up out of your chair and dance? You install it, pour yourself a celebratory glass of whatever, and whaaaa? It doesn't work exactly right!? There are several different online resources you...
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Girl Power!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend a few fantastic hours with some pretty spectacular women. I was invited to attended a luncheon put on by Women TIES (Together Inspiring Entrepreneurial Success) that totally knocked my socks off. On this very cold and windy day,  excitement, optimism and a sense of community filled the room....
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Gill Sans vs. Johnston Sans: If Britain Was A Typeface

There are two things that BBC, The Church of England, London Underground, Penguin Books, and the London and North Eastern Railway Company have in common; they’re all very British, and they all use either use Gill Sans or Johnston.
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Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the end of our first year in business!
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