Logos & Branding

Professional, meticulously designed logos and brand identity elements for every industry.

For over 10 years, Face First Creative has been creating logos and custom graphics for companies in a variety of industries. Our clients love our clever and clean approach to design. No cookie cutters here. There might be cookies here, but we didn’t make them. You just can’t be good at everything.

How We Do It

That depends. Some clients come to us with an idea for their design project. In these cases, we meet with the client to discuss the design direction before we begin. In other cases, a client may give us creative license to take the lead on the design. In either case, most projects start with 2-3 design concepts. Once a concept has been chosen, the design moves through the revision stage until the design is loved, approved, and finalized. If all else fails, we try this.

Ready To Look Better Than The Competition?

We’re excited to get you there! The design process is a lot of fun. We’ll have your company turning heads everywhere it goes.