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Branding Lessons From One Mighty Duck

I’ve always had a knack for getting excited about projects that were way too young for me. As a junior in high school, I finally saw my opportunity to create the classic baking-soda volcano, so I took it. As a grown-ass woman, I make scrapbooks with patterned papers and themed stickers. In between those two...
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6 Signs You Should Put Your Money Where Your Marketing Is(n’t)

You haven’t landed a new client in quite some time. Sales are dropping off. Even the mail carrier is scarcely in the building. Time to figure out what the deal is. Should you bite the bullet and invest in marketing?
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Knock Your Boss’s Socks Off With These Marketing Metrics

As marketers, we understand the importance of understanding the efficiency of our sales and marketing teams. However, with so many moving peices, such as blogging, social media, website performance, online advertising and so much more. How can we really know what's working and what isn't?
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We enjoy watching people faceplant. Sue us.

Fridays at Face First Creative are designated for sloppy breakfast sandwiches, yes, but more so internal to-do lists. We dubbed these days “Face First Fridays.” Go ahead, take a minute to recover from our astonishing creativity. Face First Friday often kicks off with us Slacking each other some faceplant GIFs from GIPHY, which you know is...
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Our Instagram Account is a Bad Role Model

53 followers. It’s not humiliating. But it’s not Beyoncé. When you’re a small marketing and web development firm, certain self-promotion takes a back seat. In our case, our Instagram account is in the way back. The worst part is, we know what we’re doing wrong. We don’t want you to end up like us, so...
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Every Cloud Has an Orange Lining

I can count on one hand how many things I like about living in Central New York in March. Four of those things are McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes. But you can get those anywhere there’s a McDonald’s, so maybe that doesn’t count. I guess I like one thing. Syracuse men’s basketball. And the Orange were on...
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