What the hell is inbound marketing?

(he/she thought to him/herself)

We're glad you asked, potty mouth. Here's the problem:

Traditional marketing techniques just don’t have same the punch that they used to.

The vast majority of TV and video ads get skipped, spam emails get deleted or filtered without being opened, and over 220 million people are listed on the National Do Not Call Registry. As opposed to the older “outbound” marketing approach of buying ads and email lists and praying to the finicky internet gods (Note to self: new band name?) to bless you with traffic, inbound marketing is built on creating kick-ass content that naturally pulls people toward your brand.

How inbound marketing works

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Step 1


The first step in the process is to offer the kind of relevant and useful content that your potential customers are already actively seeking. We’ve got a serious knack for getting and keeping people’s attention (you’re still reading this, aren’t you?). Whether content is created solely or partially in house, or outsourced to one of our tried and true content creation teams, Face First will assist with topic vetting, production management, art direction, and promotion.

  • Blogging and social media strategy
  • Whitepaper, ebook, and case study creation
  • Custom infographics and videos
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Step 2


When offered awesome content they find valuable, people are happy to provide useful info in exchange. This is where you convert “No thanks, just looking” into “Let’s take this baby for a spin.” Using forms and calls-to-action (CTAs) designed to collect key visitor information, we’ll arm your marketing and sales teams with client-specific data that will streamline connections and automate the lead-nurturing process. Then we’ll use the HubSpot marketing platform to help you identify new sales-qualified leads so your teams can respond at exactly the right time with exactly the right pitch.

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Step 3


This is where the real fun starts. Once you’ve closed the deal, Face First will work with you to strengthen new relationships and inspire brand loyalty. Using social media, referral programs, surveys, and more, we help transform satisfied customers into raving, borderline-stalkerish fans who can’t wait to spread the word about how amazing your company is.

Let's talk about your marketing goals

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