We enjoy watching people faceplant. Sue us.

Fridays at Face First Creative are designated for sloppy breakfast sandwiches, yes, but more so internal to-do lists. We dubbed these days “Face First Fridays.” Go ahead, take a minute to recover from our astonishing creativity.

Face First Friday often kicks off with us Slacking each other some faceplant GIFs from GIPHY, which you know is one of your favorite sites. We typically search terms like “face first,” “faceplant,” “wipeout,” and “fail.” We collectively decide which is the funniest that doesn’t also make us clench our buttcheeks and then post it on Instagram to allow others to delight in the fruits of our investigative work.

We often choose a theme relevant to that day or the upcoming weekend. For example, here in Syracuse, we’re on the verge of baking in 100-degree days, so we’re all daydreaming of diving into the nearest pool.

Just a touch early on the takeoff.

And now that the kids are home for summer vacation, we’ll have an endless supply of themes, starting with “bored already?”

Bye bye.

We know a lot of people will be palling around at music festivals, but hopefully they’ll keep an eye out for passersby.

He would’ve ended up face down on the ground at some point.

And if you’re into a more solo activity like fishing, make sure you have a camera or no one will believe the size of the fish that slaps you in the face.

Does that shirt say “I heart beer”? Please say it does.

Sometimes with no theme in mind, we just stumble upon a gem like this:

I’ll take all the gum you have.

But we can’t spend our whole summer searching for funny GIFs—we have things to do. Like get ready for the Renaissance Festival.

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