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Sleeping at desk

62,747 Ways to Make Sure No One Reads Your Blog Post

With all the content punching us in the face at every turn, click, and swipe, we barely have time to take in a Tweet without having to move on. Read an entire article? Forget it.

HubSpot’s Sales Bootcamp: The Making of a Lion(ess)

I've never considered myself a sales person. In fact, the very idea of being in a sales role used to give me anxiety. The old Becky avoided sales-related tasks like the plague. Until now...

May 24th: Another Bleeping National “Day”?

There's a day for everything. I’m not just referring to, like, Taco Tuesday, but an actual nationally recognized, on-some-legit-calendars day. Today, for example, is Brother's Day. Come on.

Productivity apps are killing your productivity

I came across a pretty interesting article about productivity today.  See, I am an entrepreneur, single mom, and wannabe fit and healthy type 1 Diabetes-havin' girl. So I'm always looking for ways to be more efficient so I can keep up with my busy life. In this quest, I often turn to apps and other technologies to help...

3 Common Layout Mistakes that are Costing You at the Printer’s

During my years working in prepress, I was witness to and responsible for correcting countless file preparation issues. I saw many novice designers adopt the attitude of “I’m a designer, not a printer. You fix it.” The problem with this approach is that as the customer, you may start racking up hefty charges long before...

The 4 Things I Miss the Most About Outdated Technology

Nobody will dispute that technological advances have improved many aspects of life in recent decades. In particular, powerful smartphones and tablets along with ubiquitous internet access have put a literally ridiculous amount of information at our disposal whenever we need it most (on the toilet). That's great and all, but sometimes I can't help but...
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