illustration of frustrated woman at computer
One important lesson I’ve learned over the years is: Never Google yourself. You might find photos that leave you longing for the time of hard-copy Polaroids. You might find that there’s a much prettier version of you acting her way through Hollywood. Or you might find that there are no results at all. All depressing...
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building website illustration
Checklists and forms can seem daunting and maybe even a little too stuffy. But, hey, they work. No one wants to get to the end of a website development project only to realize that a process was missed way back in the beginning. That’s why we follow a checklist for our initial setup of each...
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Google search
What’s the last search you typed into Google? Don’t say it out loud; I can’t be responsible for the backlash from your co-workers. But was it a word or phrase, or was it a full-blown sentence or question? Today’s Google searches are morphing into more conversational queries. It’s becoming more common now for people to ask...
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Sleeping at desk
With all the content punching us in the face at every turn, click, and swipe, we barely have time to take in a Tweet without having to move on. Read an entire article? Forget it.
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