10 Helpful Ideas for Women Suddenly in Need of a Wedding Dress

bridal gown

Are you caught in the Alfred Angelo aftermath? We have some ideas to help you still comfortably(ish) find your way to the altar.

1. Dig up your prom dress.

Alfred Angelo prom dress
The Alfred Angelo thing is a coincidence.

2. Borrow your mom’s.

mom wedding dress
If she didn’t already bring it to the Salvation Army like mine did.

3. Blow it up.

balloon wedding gown
If you’re up on your balloon animal techniques…

4. Paint it on your bod.

painted wedding dress
Wondering where her nips are? Same here.

5. Not in good enough shape for that? Neither are we. Try making one out of cake.

cake wedding dress
We know you like cake.

6. Speaking of carbs – how ’bout using bread bag clips?

bread tag wedding dress

7. Whip one up out of toilet paper.

toilet paper wedding gowns
And hell, if it turns out ok, enter it into the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! annual contest. This year, they’re donating some of the TP gowns to brides who were screwed by Alfred Angelo.

8. Speaking of the toilet, have you considered crafting one from newspaper?

newspaper dress

9. Stitch together some Target bags.

Target bag wedding dress
You know you have a million in that plastic bag holder thingy.

10. And when Alfred Angelo gives your cash back…

money wedding dress

Have you seen some crazy “dresses”? Share them with us!